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6 Tips to Stick to Your Budget While at Our Motel in Pigeon Forge TN

We’ve all gone over budget before, especially when it comes to vacation. There are lots of ways you can make sure you stick to your vacation budget! We have some tips for you when you stay at our motel in Pigeon Forge TN! Check out our 6 tips to stick to your budget while you stay at our motel in Pigeon Forge TN:

1. Take Advantage of Our Free Breakfast

pancakes and blueberriesEating out can take up a big chunk of your budget. Cut the price by staying in and eating with us! We provide a complimentary contenintal breakfast every day, so you don’t have to go anywhere! Our breakfast bar includes all the cold and hot items you love. Plus, it’s serve yourself, so you get to choose what you and your family eats. And if someone’s still hungry, they can get some more!

2. Use the Kitchens in Our Suites

If you book one of our suites, you’ll have a kitchen! By buying groceries and making many of your meals in your room, you can stick to your budget! Going out for every meal can add up quickly, especially the larger the party you have or the more extravagant restaurant you choose. When you can find food on sale and make your family’s favorite meals, you’ll still have the comfort of home and the comfort of sticking to the budget!

3. Eat Free Popcorn for Snacks

popcornWhile you’re out at the attractions or spending a day at the pool, you will probably get hungry for snacks. One way you can save some money is to take advantage of our free popcorn in the afternoons! This is a healthy snack and perfect for kids and adults of all ages! It’ll definitely save you from having to go out and grab snacks from a gas station or the grocery store. There are other snacks as well, but you would have to pay for those!

4. Check Out Our Last Minute Deals

We run specials constantly to ensure you get the best deal when you stay at our motel in Pigeon Forge TN. By checking our discounts and asking about them while you’re booking, you’ll definitely be within your vacation budget. Why wouldn’t you ask about them!

5. Walk to Restaurants and Attractions

cookies and creme, mint chocolate chip, and chocolate ice cream in bowlsAnother way you can stick to your budget is to walk to restaurants and attractions nearby instead of driving. Without driving to places that are nearby, you won’t use your gas in your car, preventing you from having to fill up as many times. Plus, everyone can get some exercise in while you’re walking! Some of the fun things to do near our motel in Pigeon Forge TN include Professor Hacker’s Lost Treasure Golf, where you’ll go on an adventure while you mini golf. Mad Dog’s Creamery is right down the road and the perfect place to grab a sweet treat!

6. Swim in Our Pool

Don’t spend a ton of money to have your whole family go to a water park when we have a pool you can use! You will all have fun splashing in the pool or relaxing in the hot tub. You won’t have to spend a cent extra to enjoy this great amenity, keeping you within your vacation budget!

It won’t be hard to stay in your budget if you follow all of our tips! Now you’re ready to book your trip, so look through the rooms at our motel in Pigeon Forge TN!