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5 Things to Do When You Visit The Island at Pigeon Forge TN

Once you check into our hotel, you may want to do something not far from us so you don’t have to worry about traveling even further than you already have that day. Or, you may want to go grab some food nearby because you’re hungry. Either way, the perfect destination is The Island at Pigeon Forge TN. The best part is that the Island is just a short walk away from our hotel!

1. The Island Show Fountain

Sometimes the best things to do are free! The Island Show Fountain operates all day and is synced to the music playing over the speakers throughout The Island. And, there is plenty of seating for you to use to watch the fountain. It will also give you the chance to rest your feet if you need to. That and on a hot day, a nice breeze can blow the water on you, which is a nice free way to cool off!

Arcade game with Pac Man2. Arcade City

This is a great place to visit if you love arcade games and want to have a fun time! Arcade City offers some classic games for you to play, and some interesting ones too! We suggest you try the Pacman inspired air hockey game. But be prepared to have a lot more pucks enter the game at random intervals! There’s also a giant game of Connect Four that you can play single player or against a friend! The best part is that this arcade doesn’t run on a token system, it runs off a card based one. You’ll see kiosks for them when you enter, so if you want to play you’d better get one!

3. Emery’s 5 & 10

The Island at Pigeon Forge TN has no shortage of places for you to shop! Emery’s 5 & 10 is one of the nation’s oldest family run 5 and 10 stores. You’ll be able to find some old timey toys, and some newer ones as well! You’ll also find a variety of knick knacks that will make you remember the good ol’ days. Although you may have to explain the store’s name to any children with you because they probably have never heard of a 5 & 10. It’ll be a great learning experience and a fun place to shop!

4. Big Rock Candy KitchenThe Great Smoky Mountain Wheel and the fountain lit up at The Island in Pigeon Forge.

Big Rock Candy Kitchen is the best place to get freshly made sweets at the Island. If you are in the mood for fudge, you can swing by here and pick some up! Or, if you really want a caramel apple, they have that too! Plus, for all you rock candy fans out there, they’ve got a great selection of them as well! You will definitely find the sweet you want here, or you may find something new to try!

5. Dudes Daiquiris

If you are out with friends and decide to get a few drinks, then Dudes Daiquiris is the best place to go! This restaurant is the best place to grab your favorite frozen drink, or to try a few different draft beers from around the globe. Their patio is also a great place to relax and listen to live music being played at the Island Stage across the way.

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