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Top 3 Pigeon Forge Restaurants to Visit on Wears Valley Road

There are tons of sights to see on the Parkway in Pigeon Forge, but if you venture off the beaten path a bit, you’ll find some real diamonds on a quieter — but extremely scenic — path named Wears Valley Road. We’re going to show you some of the top places on this beautiful road that deserve a visit when you’re looking for some great Pigeon Forge restaurants.

mels-diner1. Mel’s Classic Diner

The Pigeon Forge restaurants located on Wears Valley Road are just off the Parkway at stoplight #3, and ​Mel’s Classic Diner​ is one gem you can find here. When a person thinks of really good diner dishes, this is usually the first place that comes to mind from tourists and locals alike. Diners like this one are known for a few things: great customer service, good home cooking, and an old-fashioned diner feel. Mel’s Classic Diner does all three beautifully, from fried fixins to breakfast and burgers, this prime eatery also wouldn’t dare leave out delicious diner desserts either. The menu is dotted with entrees that are named for 50s celebrities and entertainers from one of the most glorified periods of American pop culture. A visit here is a taste of the good old days of Americana!

2. Boss Hogg’s BBQ Shack

As you venture past Mel’s Diner, you will begin to see some of the beauty of the Smoky Mountains — and the down-home restaurant, ​Boss Hogg’s BBQ Shack​. There is no short supply of good barbecue around East Tennessee, and Boss Hogg’s ranks highly among any of the great Pigeon Forge restaurants around. You’ll be pleased to know when you’re eating some tasty slow-cooked meats here, the owner tries to keep costs low but the quality high, and we think this has worked out quite nicely for him so far. This barbecue place offers dining rooms and a beautiful outdoor patio so you can enjoy a picture-perfect day featuring good Southern barbecue and Smoky Mountains!

3. Pigeon Forge Deli

reuben-sandwich pigeon forgeWhile you’re driving down Wears Valley Road, you’re going to want to pull off to grab a bite to eat at this next restaurant known for its savory deli sandwiches. Located at The Shops of Pigeon Forge, the ​Pigeon Forge Deli​ is one of the newer Pigeon Forge restaurants drawing in loads of customers with their enormous sandwiches that pack a punch and are a hit with their visitors — based on the owners using only the best ingredients. Being in a high tourism area, their prices are very reasonable for what you get from their menu: choices of bread to go with their signature subs, and deli sandwiches that don’t disappoint. You can even leave with some of their amazing homemade bread to use for your own sandwiches back at the hotel!

You’ll find many more great things to do and places to eat further down the road, but these Pigeon Forge restaurants are still close to the all the action, and lead you to a place you really ought to explore while you’re here. We know you didn’t come to the Smoky Mountains just to be entertained. Explore these wide open spaces and be sure to ​book one of our rooms​ at Mountain Breeze Motel for a pleasant stay!