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Everything You Need to Know Before Attending the Shades of the Past Car Show in Pigeon Forge

Do you love classic cars? We sure do! This year, from September 8-9, 2017, you can make your way to the Shades of the Past car show in Pigeon Forge. But what makes the car show so special? And why do so many people make plans to visit the event? We have all the details you need:

What Makes the Shades of the Past Car Show in Pigeon Forge So Great?

For many, it’s the nostalgia of seeing the cars from so long ago. The classic cars that will be on display tell the stories of generations past.

For others, it is the admiration of the craftsmanship that makes the event so special. The cars that are on display have either been built or restored by skilled craftsman to top condition. Walking around and admiring the hundreds of hours of labor that go into all of the automobiles is a thrill in itself. Being able to talk with the builders is a wonderful experience as well, no matter how much of a classic car enthusiast you are.

The History of the Shades of the Past Car Show in Pigeon ForgeThe welcome to Pigeon Forge Tennessee sign.

In 1976, a car show made its way to Pigeon Forge, which would ultimately become a tradition for many years to come. Since the
n (over 40 years ago), the Shades of the Past classic car show has been one of the most popular events that takes place in Pigeon Forge.

Family Friendly Atmosphere of the Shades of the Past Car Show

The memories made are what consistently draw families back to the Shades of the Past car show. Mothers and fathers walking around the event with their sons and daughters are memories that will last a lifetime. Above all, that is what Shades of the Past seeks to create: a family friendly environment in which families can create memories to hold on to for a lifetime.

At Shades of the Past, there are no alcoholic beverages allowed inside the gates, which helps to keep an atmosphere that is conducive to family fun. The music played at the event also serves the atmosphere, as a steady mix of oldies is played throughout the entire show.

Location of the Pigeon Forge Car Show

Shades of the Past will once again be held in the parking lot of Dolly’s Splash Country. The space serves to open up the event and makes it easier for spectators to stroll amongst all of the cars. Holding the event at Dolly’s Splash Country also makes it easier for visitors who are looking to wander through the merchandise.

Parking at the Shades of the Past Car ShowThe exterior of the Mountain Breeze Motel in Pigeon Forge TN.

Parking is provided in one of three ways. Here’s the best places to park for the event:

    • The first option is to stay with us at Mountain Breeze Motel and leave your car at the hotel for the day. You can catch the trolley and head over to Splash Country for the event.
    • There is parking at the Pigeon Forge parking lot on Teaster Lane. Trolley service is available to and from the event for .50 cents per person each way.
    • Parking is also available on Veterans Boulevard for free with a free bus service being provided to and from the event.
    • Parking is also available at Dollywood’s parking lot “F” for $10 per car/per day. A tram service provides transportation to the event from Dollywood for free.

More information can be found about Shades of the Past at their official website.

Make Plans to Visit Pigeon Forge for Shades of the Past

There’s many benefits to staying at Mountain Breeze Motel during the Shades of the Past Car Show. First, we’re located only a few minutes from Dollywood’s Splash Country where you’ll attend the event. Next, you will also be located near all of the other great attractions, restaurants and things to do in the Pigeon Forge area.

It’s never too early to start planning your vacation for a car show event because our rooms fill up fast! Click here to find the best room for your visit and start planning your vacation to Pigeon Forge today.